Reliable and High Performance Computing

Computing research at the Coordinated Science Laboratory spans many research areas and involves multiple laboratories and centers on campus. This discipline covers everything from VLSI design and chip architecture to algorithms and protocol research. Computing has longstanding core strengths in parallel computer architecture, dependable and trustworthy systems, computer security and mobile computing.


Parallel Computing

Computing co-hosts several large initiatives in advanced parallel computing, such as the Intel/Microsoft-sponsored Universal Parallel Computing Research Center, the NSF Blue Waters PetaScale Computing Center and the NVIDIA CUDA Center of Excellence. This large-scale activity has made CSL and the University of Illinois a focal point in the future of parallel, multi-core computing.

Wireless Networking & Distributed Systems

Wireless networking research in Computing pertains to a wide range of networks, including infrastructure-based wireless networks, mesh networks, mobile ad hoc networks, sensor networks and vehicular networks. Topics of interest include cross-layer protocols for efficiently utilizing wireless spectrum, security and privacy mechanisms for wireless networks, mobile applications, multimedia over wireless networks, and testbeds for wireless network evaluation.

Trust and Security

Computing is at the forefront of computer security research, which models novel attack defenses and builds extremely robust systems. The Coordinated Science Laboratory co-hosts projects such as the Trusted Illiac and Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid that provide the resources to address pressing problems facing the information society. Through the Information Trust Institute, researchers are able to collaborate with colleagues across other departments and colleges in order to obtain the broad perspective necessary to build trustworthy computing systems.


Group Contact:
Carol Wisniewski: 251 CSL
Phone: (217) 244-7171

Research Faculty



Tarek Abdelzaher: Cyber-physical networking, modeling and theory
Vikram Adve: Compilers, software reliability
Gul Agha: Development of current programming languages and systems
Haitham Al-Hassanieh: Networking and distributed computing, computer networking
Jennifer Bernhard: Antennas, electromagnetics for wireless communication
Nikita Borisov: Network security, anonymous network design
Donna Brown (emeritus): Algorithms and computational complexity; computer aided design; distributed algorithms; logic design and VLSI
Matthew Caesar: Network management and configuration
Marco Caccamo: Real-time computing and communications
Roy Campbell: Security, distributed operating systems, ubiquitous computing
Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia: System reliability theory and control theory
Jonathan Freund: Molecular dynamics simulation of nanometer scale flows and heat transfer in solids, large-scale parallel computing, numerical methods, biomedical fluid dynamics, aerodynamic sound, fluid mechanics
William Gropp: Parallel computing standards, software for scientific computing, numerical methods for partial differential equations
C. Kristina Gunsalus: Research integrity, whistleblowing, ethics, professionalism
Yih-Chun Hu: Network security, wireless network privacy
Wen-mei W. Hwu: Computer system architecture, compilers
Ravishankar K. Iyer: Network security, measurement and modeling
Zbigniew Kalbarczyk: Dependability and security, measurement
Karrie Karahalios: HCI, social computer
Jay Kesan: Intellectual property, technology regulation
Nam Sung Kim: Device, circuit, architecture, and software for power-efficient computing
Rakesh Kumar: Computer architecture, programming & computing models
Michael Loui: Computational complexity theory, engineering ethics
Yi Lu: Distributed systems and networking, network algorithms, inference on graphical models
Steve Lumetta: Optical network architecture, cluster and parallel computing
Andrew Miller: Secure decentralized systems and cryptocurrencies, programming languages, cryptography, distributed computing
Sayan Mitra: Distributed, real-time, embedded systems
Klara Nahrstedt: Quality of service management, multimedia systems
David M. Nicol: Public-key infrastructure, security
Janak H. Patel (emeritus): VLSI testing, VLSI design automation
Sanjay J. Patel: Computer architecture, microarchitecture
Romit Roy Choudhury: Wireless networking and mobile computing
Robin Rutenbar: Custom circuit synthesis and optimization, custom silicon architectures
William H. Sanders: Security evaluation, fault-tolerant computing
Peter Sauer: Electric machinery modeling, analysis and control
Thenkurussi Kesavadas:  Health IT, computer simulation and modeling
Nitin H. Vaidya: Wireless networking, mobile computing
Shobha Vasudevan: Formal hardware verification, model checking
Benjamin W. Wah (emeritus): Nonlinear programming, multimedia signal processing
Kenneth Watkin: High resolution 3-D multimodal brain imaging

Reliable and High Performance Computing Research News

PhD student Nirupam Roy and CSL Professors Romit Roy Choudhury and Haitham Hassanieh

CSL researchers design sounds that can be recorded by microphones but inaudible to humans

06/22/2017 - 09:00   This work, developed by PhD student Nirupam Roy and CSL Professors Romit Roy Choudhury and Haitham Hassanieh, won Best Paper Award at MobiSys 2017.
Klara Nahrstedt

Illinois researchers build Dropbox-like storage, analytical system for scientific data

06/19/2017 - 15:15   Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are looking to speed up the materials-to-device process through a novel framework called 4CeeD.
ECE PhD candidate Mert Hidayetoğlu

PhD student Mert Hidayetoğlu tackles complex imaging as CSE Fellow

06/13/2017 - 10:45   ECE PhD candidate Mert Hidayetoğlu has been selected as one of eight 2017-18 Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Fellows. Hidayetoğlu is co-advised by CSL Professor Wen-Mei Hwu.
Illinois team wins Best Paper Award for processor energy efficiency research

Illinois team wins Best Paper Award for processor energy efficiency research

05/26/2017 - 11:00   CSL graduate students Weidong Ye and Henry Duwe and CSL Associate Professor Rakesh Kumar received this award at ASPLOS 2017.
Nam Sung Kim

Kim receives ACM SIGARCH and IEEE-CS TCCA ISCA Influential Paper Award

05/18/2017 - 14:45   This award recognizes the paper from the ISCA Proceedings 15 years earlier that has had the most impact on the field during the intervening years.