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Romit Roy Choudhury

Research demonstrates how vibration motors in wearables can be used to "listen" to speech

06/06/2016 - 19:00   CSL Associate Professor Romit Roy Choudhury and PhD student Nirupam Roy led this work.
2016 Beckman student award recipients

2016 Beckman Student Award Recipients

06/06/2016 - 19:00   Students advised by CSL Professors Joseph Lyding and Thomas Huang received 2016 Beckman Institute student awards.
Yuduo Zheng

Image recognition software supports sushi buffet chain in Singapore

06/02/2016 - 19:00   ADSC researchers are using object detection and classification algorithms to assist with automatic image recognition.
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CSL's Gao wins AIAA Illinois Teacher of the Year award

05/24/2016 - 19:00   Gao, an assistant professor of aerospace engineering, was also recognized with Illinois teaching awards in 2014 and 2015.
CSL Professor Grace Gao and Yuting Ng, Best Paper Award

Yuting Ng wins Best Paper Award for novel implementation of Direct GPS Positioning

05/23/2016 - 19:00   The new technique effectively and efficiently combines the strength of several signals to fend off jamming and interference.
Rajiv Maheswaran

CSL alumnus Rajiv Maheswaran now CEO of Second Spectrum

05/22/2016 - 19:00   Capitalizing on his engineering background, Maheswaran co-founded a startup focused on data analysis in the sports industry.
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New Illinois-developed technology enables at-home rehab care

05/16/2016 - 19:00   The new system makes it easier for a doctor or therapist to keep tabs on a patient’s progress remotely.
Sujan Gonugondla

Gonugondla wins Best Paper Award at IEEE Conference

05/10/2016 - 19:00   The paper presents a technique that will make circuits more efficient and reliable.
Lav Varshney

CSL crowdsourcing algorithms aim to lift people from poverty

05/01/2016 - 19:00   Lav Varshney's team has built algorithms that more efficiently match employees to jobs that complement their talents.
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NCPRE to help professionals prevent, solve problems at work in its first Coursera offering

04/25/2016 - 19:00   Professionals can tackle work pitfalls in a three-course specialization called “Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work.”
Elizabeth Dennison

Dennison retires after 20 years with CSL

04/21/2016 - 19:00   CSL Associate Director for Administration Beth Dennison has been with the University since 1987, and started at CSL in 1996.
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Researchers work to make real-time analytics scalable and affordable

04/18/2016 - 19:00   A team at ADSC has built a platform that provides an easy solution for analyzing text, video, audio and other types of data.
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Cromwell named CSL Associate Director of Administration

04/17/2016 - 19:00   Cromwell will replace Elizabeth Dennison, who is retiring at the end of April.
Wen-Mei Hwu

IBM and the University of Illinois to pioneer next-generation cognitive computing systems

04/17/2016 - 19:00   The collaboration focus is on the design and development of an artificial cognitive system.
Michael Bailey

Bailey and team win 2016 Applied Networking Research Prize

04/07/2016 - 19:00   The prize recognizes the best new ideas in networking and presents them at Internet Engineering Task Force meetings.
Jeff Bigg modeling Daqri helmet at CES

Technology from CES could improve the efficiency and safety of critical infrastructure

03/31/2016 - 19:00   Jeffrey Bigg, a CS grad student, investigated new technologies presented at the Consumer Electronic Show to bring to CIRI, a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence aimed at improving critical infrastructure resilience.
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ADSC researchers save phone battery life through Bluetooth communities

03/29/2016 - 19:00   The team developed middleware to automatically enable the use of Bluetooth radio for sharing cellular bandwidth.
CSL Professor Milton Feng and ECE graduate students Curtis Wang and Michael Liu.

Record-speed data transmission could make big data more accessible

03/27/2016 - 19:00   University of Illinois engineers, led by CSL Professor Milton Feng, developed fiber-optic technology that can transmit data at a blazing-fast 57 gigabits per second, without errors.
Derek Wildman

CompGen team builds ancestral trees to determine disease-causing genetic variants

03/17/2016 - 19:00   With the power of supercomputer Blue Waters, a team of researchers is working to understand how ancestral influences on our genomes can make us either susceptible or resilient to diseases.
Haitham Hassanieh

New ECE faculty member joins CSL

03/14/2016 - 19:00   Haitham Hassanieh has joined ECE ILLINOIS and CSL this semester as an assistant professor.