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Lav Varshney's team has built algorithms that more efficiently match employees to jobs that complement their talents.
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The goal is to identify opportunities and challenges in using SDNs to advance the "science of security."
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From the electrostatic vacuum gyroscope to the plasma TV, CSL has transformed tech during the past 65 years.
CSL Associate Professor Rakesh Kumar
New research in approximate computing finds ways to maximize bitcoin mining profits by up to 30%.
CSL Alumni Zhe Di
Zhe Di, a 2007 PhD graduate from the University of Illinois and CSL, now designs big data platforms at Bank of America.
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Lav Varshney
A team of CSL researchers has developed algorithms that help the nonprofit company Samasource efficiently connect individuals living below the poverty line with...
Professionals can tackle work pitfalls in a three-course specialization called “Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work.”
CSL Associate Director for Administration Beth Dennison has been with the University since 1987, and started at CSL in 1996.
A team at ADSC has built a platform that provides an easy solution for analyzing text, video, audio and other types of data.
Cromwell will replace Elizabeth Dennison, who is retiring at the end of April.
The collaboration focus is on the design and development of an artificial cognitive system.

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CSL invited talks - ECE Seminar - Holistic System Design for Deterministic Replay
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CSL invited talks - The High School Computer Science Shortage
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CSL invited talks - Big Data Analytics with All-or-Nothing Parallel Jobs