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CSL researchers say smart watches are vulnerable to data leaks produced by motion sensors.
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The artificial whiskers could give surgeons a "sixth sense," offering tacticle feedback during procedures.
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The award recognizes her contributions to mathematical control theory and its application in safety-critical systems.
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Researchers will develop a new information theory for data collection, analysis, and decision-making.
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CSL's Srikant wins two INFOCOM awards for developing a new method to speed up cloud computing workload scheduling.
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Kesh Kasavadas and his staff welcomed the RAVEN II robot assisted tele-surgery f
A group of CSL researchers, led by Kesh Kesavadas, is at the forefront of technology that will allow surgeons to virtually train for surgery.
The goal of the project is to develop mobile robots with which humans feel comfortable.
The award is given to provide support for students interested in pursuing a faculty career in the future.
Hovakimyan’s research focuses on robotics, game theory, networks of autonomous systems, and theory of robust adaptive control and estimation, as well as control in the...
By taking advantage of “motion leaks” -- data collected by the motion sensors on smart phones -- to guess what a user was typing.
The paper proposes combining two methods in a unique way to help verify intrusion attempts.

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CSL invited talks - ECE Seminar - Holistic System Design for Deterministic Replay
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CSL invited talks - The High School Computer Science Shortage
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CSL invited talks - Big Data Analytics with All-or-Nothing Parallel Jobs