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Researchers will develop a new information theory for data collection, analysis, and decision-making.
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CSL's Srikant wins two INFOCOM awards for developing a new method to speed up cloud computing workload scheduling.
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The robot, designed for small manufacturing, can adapt to learn new movements and objects.
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Chung and Hutchinson have developed new algorithms and are testing them on Navy SOC-R boats in riverine environments.
U. of I., Carle moving forward with the first engineering-based college of med
The University of Illinois Board of Trustees voted unanimously to establish the College of Medicine at Illinois.


  • Circuits Research GroupCircuits Research Group
  • Communications Research GroupCommunications Research Group
  • Computational and Physical Electronics Research GroupComputational and Physical Electronics Research Group
  • Decision and Control Research GroupDecision and Control Research Group
  • Reliable and High Performance Computing Research GroupReliable and High Performance Computing Research Group
  • Remote Sensing and Space Science Research GroupRemote Sensing and Space Science
  • Signal, Image, and Speech Processing Research GroupSignal, Image, and Speech Processing Research Group
  • Thin Film Electronics Research GroupThin Film Electronics Research Group

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Junho Yang, 32, a PhD candidate at UIUC, alongside Professor Soon-Jo Chung, Professor Seth Hutchinson and agriculture implement manufacturer John Deere, is working on “...
The center is a partnership of Carle Health System and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
The research aims to speed up and improve our ability to collect and analyze data and subsequently adapt our decisions as new information comes in.
CSL researchers develop augmented reality technology for smartphones.
Hamed Okhravi, who received his PhD in electrical and computer engineering from UIUC in 2009, was recognized for his work in making cyberspace secure and trustworthy.
The Center will focus on developing resilient cyber systems that run critical infrastructures as well as providing a business case for infrastructure investment in...

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CSL invited talks - ECE Seminar - Holistic System Design for Deterministic Replay
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CSL invited talks - The High School Computer Science Shortage
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CSL invited talks - Big Data Analytics with All-or-Nothing Parallel Jobs