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The event offers participants the opportunity to explore the nexus between electrical energy systems and cybersecurity.
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The Rau Award recognizes significant accomplishments in the field of microarchitecture and compiler code generation.
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The $9.3M grant, part of CSL's CompGen initiative, will establish a center of excellence for big data.
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CSL leads the multidisciplinary team, which aims to speed up the rate at which consumers have access to new devices.
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Illinois partners with NTU on developing a new leadership academy for academics.


  • Circuits Research GroupCircuits Research Group
  • Communications Research GroupCommunications Research Group
  • Computational and Physical Electronics Research GroupComputational and Physical Electronics Research Group
  • Decision and Control Research GroupDecision and Control Research Group
  • Reliable and High Performance Computing Research GroupReliable and High Performance Computing Research Group
  • Remote Sensing and Space Science Research GroupRemote Sensing and Space Science
  • Signal, Image, and Speech Processing Research GroupSignal, Image, and Speech Processing Research Group
  • Thin Film Electronics Research GroupThin Film Electronics Research Group

Research Groups


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With Nobel Laureate Paul Lauterbur, the inventor of magnetic resonance imaging, as a mentor, Zhi-Pei Liang has spent more than two decades tackling MRI problems in...
Professors Steven Lumetta, Brian Cunningham and John Dallesasse have won a $300,000 National Science Foundation grant to work further on their research into turning...
When it comes to facial and object recognition, companies like Google and Facebook have a leg up. Those organizations have a massive library of images that are labeled...
At the beginning of this academic year, Professor M. Tamer Başar was named director of the Center for Advanced Study (CAS). He was initiated as a permanent member of the...
Assistant Professor Shobha Vasudevan has made a major impact in her field in a short amount of time. The IEEE Council of Electronic Design Automation (CEDA) recently...
A team of Illinois students are developing a prosthetic hand that can return both motor and sensory function to its user.

Upcoming Events


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CSL invited talks - ECE Seminar - Holistic System Design for Deterministic Replay
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CSL invited talks - The High School Computer Science Shortage
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CSL invited talks - Big Data Analytics with All-or-Nothing Parallel Jobs