Research Groups

A Collision of Ideas. In the labs and hallways of CSL, great ideas collide with novel results. Researchers from more than a dozen disciplines unite to dream up the next big innovation, then settle down in their respective labs to perfect their piece of the larger picture. The result: Advances in aeronautics, economics, energy, medicine, robotics, wireless communications and many other fields.

Research Centers

Technology Solutions. CSL has committed to driving innovation through the creation of centers and institutes in several key areas, including integrated microsystems, wireless systems, communication technologies and trustworthy supercomputing.

Many of the centers have strong ties with industry and government partners, who benefit from CSL's multidisciplinary focus. The resulting research provides solutions for information technology challenges now and in the future.

Research Institutes

Seedbed of Institutes. CSL's interdisciplinary strength has led to the formation of several institutes. They include: Advanced Digital Sciences Center in Singapore -- Develops new technologies for digital media and the power grid. Information Trust Institute -- Creates trustworthy systems with applications in energy, finance, defense and homeland security, etc. Parallel Computing Institute -- Overcomes computational barriers across all computing platforms.

These institutes are shaping and changing the way people live, work and play.