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General Contact Information for CSL

Coordinated Science Laboratory
1308 West Main St. Urbana, IL 61801
Main Office Phone: 217-333-2511

CSL Studio
1206 W. Clark Street, Urbana, IL  61801
Main Office Phone: 217-333-2511


Klara Nahrstedt
202 Coordinated Science Laboratory
klaraatillinois [dot] edu

Karen Cromwell
Associate Director of Administration
207 Coordinated Science Laboratory
kcromwelatillinois [dot] edu

Normand Paquin
Associate Director for Research
243 Coordinated Science Lab
paquinatillinois [dot] edu

Erica Kennedy
Main Office Contact
202 Coordinated Science Laboratory
ewhitatillinois [dot] edu

Media Contact

Kim Gudeman
Director of Communications
Phone: 217-333-9735
kgudemanatillinois [dot] edu

Business and Technical Support Unit Information

Email CSL Business Office: avjnngsatillinois [dot] edu
Email CSL Tech Support: engrit-helpatillinois [dot] edu

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