Tech Reports

Throughout its long history, the Coordinated Science Laboratory has published more than 2,000 technical reports in-house. Many of them represented the first publication of groundbreaking ideas that went on to transform their fields and the technologies that shape our world. A list of most of CSL's significant in-house publications is below.

Most of CSL’s technical reports, from 1951 to the present, are now available as PDFs in the Coordinated Science Laboratory Report collection in the University of Illinois IDEALS online repository for scholarship; direct links to individual reports are below.

If you have comments or questions, have problems accessing the report files, or encounter an incomplete or corrupted PDF, please contact Jenny Applequist for help.

Report to Project Charles on the Ground Observer Corps. 1951 (June). Report no. R-1.
Sherwin, C. W. A Proposed Integrator Using Frequency Multiplication. 1951 (September). Report no. I-18.
Dancoff, Sidney. On Signals Imbedded in Noise. 1952 (May). Report no. R-2.
Davis, Martin. Some Communication Theoretic Remarks on the Problem of Transmitting Radar Data. 1952 (June). Report no. R-3.
Dancoff, S. M.; Gell-Mann, M. Modulo Checking. 1951 (June). Report no. R-4.
Hulsizer, R.; Lavatelli, L.; Lazarus, D. Computer Control of Tactical Aircraft. 1952 (March). Report no. R-5.
Wax, Nelson. Preliminary Report on the Recognition of Certain Signals Embedded in Noise. 1952 (February). Report no. R-6.
Sherwin, C.W. Time Constants in Hearing (Revised). 1952 (March). Report no. R-7.
Hulsizer, R.I.; Kypts, L.S. An Apparatus for Providing Radar Data to a Remote Digital Computer. 1952 (November). Report no. R-8.
Cohn, M.; Davis, M.; Lavatelli, L. Computer Control of 100 Aircraft. 1952 (August). Report no. R-9.
Norberg, Richard E. Experimental Tests of the Control System. 1952 (March). Report no. R-10.
Hulsizer, R.I. Proposal for a Long Distance Radar-to-Ordvac Data-Relay Link. 1952 (February). Report no. R-11.
Lazarus, D.; Wax, N. A Suggested Method for Transmission of Data from Ordvac to a Set of Controlled Targets. 1952 (March). Report no. R-12.
Lyman, E.M. Capabilities and Limitations of Butterfly and Related Devices. 1952 (March). Report no. R-15.
Sherwin, C.W. Some Remarks on the Philosophy of Signal Detection. 1952 (March). Report no. R-16.
Kovaly, J.J.; Lyman, E.M.; Prothe, W.C.; Sherwin, C.W. Experimental Frequency Analysis of Ground Clutter and Moving Targets for Non-Coherent Airborne Radar. 1952 (March). Report no. R-17.
Sherwin, C.W. Elementary Theory of Ground Clutter and Moving Targets Using Frequency Analysis. 1952 (March). Report no. R-18.
Sherwin, C.W. High Resolution Airborne Radar Employing Doppler Frequency Analysis. 1952 (March). Report no. R-19.
Sherwin, C.W. Further Considerations on High Resolution Radar. 1952 (April). Report no. R-20.
Norberg, Richard; Knoebel, Howard. Spin Echo Delay Line: A Memory Device Based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Preliminary Report). 1952 (July). Report no. R-22.
Lavatelli, L.S.; Lazarus, D.; Miller, E.E. Suggested Short Term Improvements for a Tactical Air Control System. 1952 (July). Report no. R-23.
Kovaly, John J.; Prothe, W.C. A Preliminary Report on Frequency Characteristics of Moving Targets in Sea Clutter. 1952 (July). Report no. R-24.
Miller, E.E. Preliminary Report: A Simple Optical Technique for Filtering and Displaying Radar Data. 1952 (September). Report no. R-25.
Sherwin, C.W. The Detection of Pulsed Signals in Noise. 1952 (September). Report no. R-26.
Kovaly, J.J.; Newell, G.S.; Prothe, W.C.; Sherwin, C.W. Preliminary Report on the Observation of Snorkels and Sea Clutter Using Coherent Airborne Radar. 1952 (November). Report no. R-27.
Longacre, Andrew; Linford, L.B.; Kruger, P. Gerald; Buchta, John C.; Johnston, Lawrence. A Proposed System for All Weather Attack on Moving Vehicles. 1952 (December). Report no. R-28.
Lyman, E.M. Airborne Moving Target Indicator Using Storage and Frequency Analysis. 1953 (January). Report no. R-29.
Sherwin, C.W. Further Considerations in the Detection of Pulsed Signals in Noise. 1953 (January). Report no. R-30.
Knoebel, Howard W. A Non-Coherent Doppler Automatic Tracking Airborne Radar for Use on Moving Ground Targets. 1952 (November). Report no. R-31.
Kruger, P. Gerald; Knable, Norman; Jackman, Robert W. Non-Coherent Ground-Based Moving Target Indicator. 1953 (January). Report no. R-33.
Newell Jr., George S. The Relation Between Frequency Response and Raster Characteristics in the Sinufly Computer. 1953 (February). Report no. R-34.
Nordsieck, Arnold T. An Automatic Air Traffic Information and Control System. 1953 (March). Report no. R-35.
Kovaly, J.J.; Newell, G.S.; Prothe, W.C.; Sherwin, C.W. Snorkel Detection Using Airborne Coherent Radar II. 1953 (April). Report no. R-36.
Sea Clutter Studies Using Airborne Coherent Radar II (CONFIDENTIAL). 1953 (June). Report no. R-37.
Kovaly, J.J.; Newell, G.S.; Prothe, W.C.; Sherwin, C.W. Experiments with High Resolution Radar Using Frequency Analysis. 1953 (July). Report no. R-38.
Sherwin, C.W. Design Characteristics of Coherent Radar for Snorkel Detection. 1953 (November). Report no. R-39.
Blank, Albert A. Note on Information Entropy for Quantized Normal Distribution. 1953 (May). Report no. R-40.
Knoebel, Howard W. A Simple Digital to Analog Converter. 1953 (May). Report no. R-41.
Sherwin, C.W. Detection of Pulsed Signals with a Narrow Band Filter, Detector, and Integrator. 1953 (June). Report no. R-42.
Lavatelli, L.S.; Lazarus, D. "Project Quick Fix" Summary Report of Short Term Improvements to the Tactical Aircraft Control and Warning System. 1953 (June). Report no. R-43.
Fosdick, L.D.; Taub, A.H. Determination of "Best" Parameters in a General Linear Theory for Automatic Aircraft Control. 1953 (August). Report no. R-44.
Hulsizer, R.I.; Nordsieck, A.T.; Fosdick, L.D. Proposal for a Provision for Inhibiting the Automatic Initiation of Tracks in Certain Areas. 1954 (February). Report no. R-46.
Tweedell, K.S. Redundancy in Living Organisms: Fertility vs. Brood Care. 1954 (February). Report no. R-47.
Shmoys, Jerome. A Note on the Spread of Rumor or Epidemic. 1954 (February). Report no. R-48.
Wax, Nelson. The Birth and Death of Tracks. 1954 (August). Report no. R-49.
Ruina, J.P.; Sherwin, C.W. Rapid Scan Versus Coherent Doppler Radar for A.S.W. 1954 (February). Report no. R-51.
Quastler, Henry; Chase, Herman B.; Montagna, William; Edds, Mac V., Jr.; Fenton, Paul F.; Weisz, Paul B. Essays on Biological Unitization. 1953 (Summer). Report no. R-52.
Christie, Lee S.; Luce, R. Duncan. Suggestions for the Analysis of Reaction Times and Simple Choice Behavior. 1954 (April). Report no. R-53.
Fritz, Edward L.; Grier, George W., Jr. Empirical Entropy: A Study of Information Flow in Air Traffic Control. 1954 (March). Report no. R-54.
Luce, R. Duncan. A Note on Equations for a Class of Interaction Problems. 1954 (April). Report no. R-55.
Blank, Albert A.; Quastler, Henry. Notes on the Estimation of Information Measures. 1954 (May). Report no. R-56.
Longacre, Andrew; Kruger, P. Gerald; Geiler, Ronald S.; Keswick, Gordon M. All-Weather-Attack System. 1954 (June). Report no. R-57.
Snyder, James M. A Description of the Programs for the Simulation of Large Scale Automata on a Digital Computer. 1954 (October). Report no. R-58.
Fosdick, L.; Lawson, J.; Snyder, J. Experiments with Programs for the Simulation of Large Scale Automata on a Digital Computer. 1954 (November). Report no. R-59.
Murray, Albert E. Censoring with a Video Mapper. 1954 (December). Report no. R-60.
Unruh, Willis. Operating Characteristics of Several Transmission Modulated Storage Tubes: The Raytheon QK-357 and Its Modifications. 1955 (February). Report no. R-61.
Staff and Consultants, Bio-Systems Group. Human Performance in Information Transmission: Part I: General Remarks; and Part II: Sequential Tasks (Overlearned Activities). 1955 (March). Report no. R-62.
Lawson Jr., Joel S. Summary of the Cornfield System. 1955 (April). Report no. R-63.
Cooper, Duane H.; Shapin, Theodore, Jr. Preliminary Design of an Integrated Data Processor. 1955 (April). Report no. R-64.
Miller, Edward E. A Clamp-On Projection Plotter for Shipboard Use. 1955 (June). Report no. R-65.
Sherwin, Chalmers W.; Kodman, Frank, Jr.; Kovaly, John J.; Prothe, Wilbert C.; Melrose, Jay. The Detection of Signals in Noise: A Comparison Between the Human Detector and an Electronic Detector. 1955 (December). Report no. R-66.
Fosdick, L.; Snyder, J. A Second Report on the Experiments with Programs for the Simulation of Large Scale Automata on a Digital Computer. 1955 (September). Report no. R-67.
Staff and Consultants, Bio-Systems Group. Human Performance in Information Transmission: Part III. 1955 (October). Report no. R-68.
Staff and Consultants, Bio-Systems Group. Human Performance in Information Transmission: Part IV: Flash Recognition of Familiar Displays. 1956 (January). Report no. R-69.
Quastler, Henry; Brabb, Betty. Human Performance in Information Transmission: Part V: The Force of Habit. 1956 (January). Report no. R-70.
Quastler, Henry. Three Survey Papers: 1) A Survey of Work Done by the Bio-Systems Group of the Control Systems Laboratory; 2) Studies of Human Channel Capacity; 3) The Informational Limitations of Decision Making. 1956. Report no. R-71.
Sherwin, C.W.; Kovaly, John J.; Melrose, Jay; Prothe, Wilbert C. An Experimental Study of the Auditory Detection in Noise of Signals of Randomly Varying Frequency. 1955 (July). Report no. R-72.
Fairbanks, Grant; House, Arthur S.; Melrose, Jay. An Experimental Study of Auditory Signal Detection in Noise as a Function of Signal Voltage with Special Reference to the Influence of Subject Set. 1955 (October). Report no. R-73.
Snyder, James N.; Fosdick, L.D. On the Use of a High Speed General Purpose Digital Computer as the Control Element in a Surveillance and Control System. undated. Report no. R-74.
Augenstine, L.G. Human Performance in Information Transmission: Part VI: Evidences of Periodicity in Information Processing. 1958 (December). Report no. R-75.
David, H.T.; Kruskal, W.H.; Augenstine, L.; Quastler, H. Approximate Distributions of Sample Information for Use in Estimating True Information by Confidence Intervals. 1956. Report no. R-76.
Augenstine, L.; Quastler H. Empirical Fluctuations in Information Measures. 1956 (January). Report no. R-77.
Augenstine, Leroy. Sampling Distribution of the Autocorrelation and Power Spectrum Functions. 1957 (January). Report no. R-78.
Longacre, Andrew. The Feasibility of an Airborne Pulsed Doppler, Noncoherent, Radar for Army Reconnaissance. 1956 (January). Report no. R-79.
Lavatelli, Leo. A New Type of Electric Delay Line. 1956 (March). Report no. R-80.
Hicks, Bruce L. Elementary Theory of Shadowing by a Rough Surface. 1956 (March). Report no. R-81.
Braunfeld, P.G.; Fosdick, L.D.; Snyder, J.N. A Third Report on the Experiments with Programs for the Simulation of Large Scale Automata on a Digital Computer. 1956 (June). Report no. R-82.
Hicks, Bruce L.; Whittenbury, Clive G. Wind Waves on the Water. 1956 (December). Report no. R-83.
Whittenbury, Clive G. A Capacitance Probe for Recording Water Waves. 1956 (December). Report no. R-84.
Hawley, N.S.; Weissman, I.; Lyman, E.M. Doppler Frequency Analysis by a Storage Tube and Filter Bank Analyzer. Theory of the Sinufly Computer. 1956 (November). Report no. R-86.
Swerling, Peter. Detection of Fluctuating Pulsed Signals in the Presence of Noise. 1957 (January). Report no. R-87.
Murray, Albert E. A Short Description of the JNS Control Program. undated. Report no. R-88.
Warfield, J.N. Optimum Diagnostic Sequences for Systems with One Faulty Element. 1957 (February). Report no. M-67.
Swerling, Peter. The Greatest Lower Bound for the Variance of Unbiased Estimates. 1957 (April). Report no. R-90.
Presentation: All Weather Attack Feasibility. 1957 (March). Report no. R-91.
Presentation II: All Weather Attack Feasibility. 1957 (April). Report no. R-92.
Robe, J.K. Storage Tube Resolution. 1957 (March). Report no. R-93.
McCall, Jerry C.; Peabody, Paul R. Fast Collision Course Vectoring. 1958 (July). Report no. R-94.
Murray, Albert E. Evaluation of the Icon I (JNS) Control Program. 1957 (July). Report no. R-95.
Angulo, C. M.; Ruina, J. P. Antenna Resolution as Limited by Atmospheric Turbulence. 1957 (July). Report no. R-96.
Hicks, Bruce L.; Stemmler, Rosemarie. The Transient Response of Cascaded Butterworth Filters. 1957 (August). Report no. R-97.
McCall, Jerry C. Deployment of Missile Ships. undated. Report no. R-98.
Longacre, Andrew; Mader, George E.; Rodems, James D. A Doppler Drift Angle Detector for Search Radars. 1957 (July). Report no. R-101.
Cooper, Duane H. Binary Quantization of Signal Amplitudes: Effect for Radar Angular Accuracy. 1959 (May). Report no. R-102.
Robe, John K. Barrier Grid Storage Tube Disturbance. 1958 (August). Report no. R-103.
Sinaiko, H. Wallace. Artful: An Experimental Study of an Automatic Air Defense System under Varying Conditions of Human Intervention. 1958 (July). Report no. R-104.
Hicks, B.L.; Knable, N.; Kovaly, J.J.; Newell, G.S.; Ruina, J.P. Sea Clutter Spectrum Studies Using Airborne Coherent Radar III. 1958 (May). Report no. R-105.
Ruina, J.P.; Rawcliffe, R.D. CSL Coherent High Resolution Radar Program. 1959 (April). Report no. R-107.
Myers, J.J. Antenna Image Quality Criteria. 1958 (December). Report no. R-108.
Myers, J.J.; Elliott, B.D. Optical Simulation of Antenna Images. 1958 (December). Report no. R-109.
Myers, J.J. Assessment of Antenna Image Quality by a Mechanical Observer. 1958 (December). Report no. R-110.
Rawcliffe, R.D.; Lichtenberger, W.W.; Krone, H.V. Optical Simulation of Radar Resolution. 1958 (December). Report no. R-111.
Kirkwood, B.D.; Unruh, W.O. Evaluation of an AN/APS-27 Radar Installation in an Army U1-A Aircraft. 1959 (June). Report no. R-112.
Divilbiss, James. An Elementary Description of TASC, a Tracking and Sorting Computer. 1959 (June). Report no. R-114.
Sinaiko, H. Wallace; Shpiner, L. Experiments on the Performance of an Automatic Air Defense System. 1960 (January). Report no. R-113.
Sinaiko, H. Wallace; Cartwright, Glenn P. Careful: A Pilot Study of the Effects of Heavy Target Load on Human and Automatic Decision Makers. 1959 (September). Report no. R-115.
Sherwin, C.W.; Rawcliffe, R.D. Electromagnetic Mass, and the Inertial Properties of Nuclei. 1960 (March). Report no. I-92.
Wishner, R.P. On Markov Processes in Control Systems. 1960 (June). Report no. R-116.
Rawcliffe, R.D. Storage Tube Processor for High Resolution Radar. 1959 (December). Report no. R-118.
Sherwin, C.W. Some Recent Experimental Tests of the 'Clock Paradox.' 1960 (June). Report no. I-94.
Huber, E. A. A Method of Adaptive Control for High-Order Systems. 1960 (August). Report no. R-121.
Elliott, B.D.; Lichtenberger, W.W.; Suhre, M.E. A Collection of General Utility ILLIAC Routines and Sub-Routines. 1960 (August). Report no. I-95.
Sherwin, C.W. The Observation of the Lorentz Contraction on a Pulsed Radar System. 1960 (September). Report no. I-96.
Kearns, J. A Logical Model of a Digital Computer. 1960 (September). Report no. I-97.
Hicks, B.L.; Mendel, C.W. The Energy Spectra of Small Wind Waves. 1960 (October). Report no. M-92.
Hicks, B.L.; Mendel, C.W. The Generation of Small Water Waves by the Wind, Part III. 1960 (November). Report no. M-90.
Lichtenberger, W.W. The Identification of Linear Processes by Means of Correlating Filters. 1960 (December). Report no. R-122.
Hicks, B.L. Bibliographic Notes on Lightning. 1960 (December). Report no. I-98.
Divilbiss, J. A Logical Model for the Transfluxor. 1960 (December). Report no. I-99.
Rawcliffe, R.D. Final Report on C.S.F. Storage Tubes. 1961 (February). Report no. R-123.
Cooper, D.H.; Raether, M. A Possible Beam Plasma Experiment. 1961 (February). Report no. I-100.
Mayeda, Wataru. Synthesis of Threshold Networks by Alogic Functions. 1961 (March). Report no. R-124.
Miyata, Fusachika. A Note on a Method of Determining Pertinent Augmentation of Polynomials. 1961 (March). Report no. R-125.
Hicks, B.L. Contributions for the Easton Conference on Ocean Wave Spectra. 1961 (March). Report no. M-94.
Voth, B. Equipment Report on an MRO Quantized Video Processor and Principal Delay Network. 1961 (March). Report no. I-101.
Hicks, B.L.; Mendel, C.W. The Generation of Small Water Waves by the Wind, Part IV. 1961 (May). Report no. M-91.
Bitzer, D.; Braunfeld, P.; Lichtenberger, W.W. PLATO: An Automatic Teaching Device. 1961 (June). Report no. I-103.
Knoebel, H.W. The Electric Vacuum Gyro. 1961 (July). Report no. R-126.
Nordsieck, Arnold. On Numerical Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations. 1961 (May). Report no. R-127.
Mayeda, Wataru. On Oriented Communication Nets. 1961 (June). Report no. R-128.
Alpert, D.; Lee, D. Electrical Breakdown in High Vacuum. 1962 (June). Report no. R-129.
Lee, D.; Tomaschke, H.; Alpert, D. Adsorption of Molecular Gases on Surfaces and Its Effect on Pressure Measurement. 1961 (August). Report no. I-104.
Alpert, D. Basic Vacuum Physics and Technology. 1961 (June). Report no. I-105.
Stein, H.J. Analysis of a Tunnel Diode Switching Circuit Using a Cubic Approximation for the Static Characteristic. 1961 (August). Report no. I-106.
Feuchtwang, T.E. The Electron Nuclear Double Resonance Spectrum of an F-Center Electron in Alkali Halides (with NaCl Structure). 1961 (August). Report no. I-107.
Kopek, William Joseph. A Transistorized Digital-to-Analog Converter. 1961 (September). Report no. R-130.
Cooper, D.H.; Lichtenburger, W.W. On the Two's Complementer. 1961 (September). Report no. I-108.
Bitzer, D.L.; Lichtenberger, W.; Braunfeld, P.G. PLATO II: A Multiple-Student, Computer Controlled Automatic Teaching Device. 1961 (October). Report no. I-109.
Ascoli, G. The Electrostatic Instability of a Beam of Charged Particles Penetrating a Plasma. 1961 (December). Report no. R-131.
Raether, M.; Harris, J. The Multiple Scattering of Charged Particles by a Plasma. 1962 (January). Report no. I-110.
Sobral, Manoel. Statistical Design of Linear Multivariable Sampled Data Feedback Control Systems. 1962 (February). Report no. R-132.
Snyder, David P. Dual Mode Compensation for a Class of Random Processes. 1962 (February). Report no. R-133.
Pottle, Christopher. The Digital Adaptive Control of a Linear Process Modulated by Random Noise. 1962 (February). Report no. R-134.
Myers, B.R. Some Useful Properties of Composition. 1962 (March). Report no. R-135.
Brown, R.M.; Jenks, R.D.; Stifle, J.E.; Trogdon, R.L. Manual for the CSX-1 Computer. 1962 (April). Report no. R-136.
Chen, C.L.; Raether, M. Collision Cross Section of Slow Electrons and Ions with Cesium Atoms. 1962 (May). Report no. R-137.
Yasui, T.; Mayeda, W. Tunnel Diode Detector. 1962 (May). Report no. R-138.
Suhre, Maurice E., Jr. The Identification of Linear System with an Assessment Computer. 1962 (May). Report no. R-139.
Ramachanda, S.M. On the Structure of Shock Waves in Monatomic Gases. 1962 (May). Report no. R-140.
Divilbiss, J.L. A Pattern Recognition Computer Using All-Magnetic Logic. 1962 (May). Report no. R-141.
Bobotek, Henry. Optimum Landing Order of Planes. 1962 (June). Report no. R-142.
Hicks, B.L.; Aggarwal, J.K. Numerical Studies of Strong Shock Waves. Part I: ILLIAC Solution of a Boltzmann Difference Equation by Nordsieck's Method. 1962 (June). Report no. I-111.
Hicks, B.L. Education via Dialogues—Its Application to Arms Control Studies and Teaching. 1962 (June). Report no. I-112.
de Segovia, J.L. Residual Vacuum at Very Low Pressure Using Zeolite Traps at Room Temperature. 1962 (June). Report no. I-113.
Ghosh, H.N. An Analytical Design and Analog Studies of a Closed Loop System in the Presence of Corrupting Signals. 1962 (July). Report no. I-114.
Mayeda, Wataru. Realizability of Fundamental Cut-Set Matrices of Oriented Graphs. 1962 (July). Report no. R-143.
Bachman, R.G. Application of a Computer-controlled, Automatic Teaching System to Network Synthesis. 1962 (August). Report no. I-115.
Kypta, L.S. Automatic Air Traffic Control Part I: Projected System. 1962 (August). Report no. R-145.
Kypta, L.S.; Bobotek, H. Automatic Air Traffic Control Part II: An Experimental Control Logic. 1963 (April). Report no. R-146.
Propst, F.M. Energy Distribution of Electrons Ejected from Tungsten by He+. 1962 (July). Report no. R-147.
Raether, Manfred. Experimental Test of the Clump Hypothesis of Vacuum Breakdown for Low Voltages. 1962 (July). Report no. R-148.
Braunfeld, P.G.; Fosdick, L.D.; Morgan, L.A. Compendium of Materials Relating to a PLATO II Study. (In press?). Report no. R-149.
McGee, William Frederick. A Numerical Approximation Technique for Filter Functions. 1962 (August). Report no. R-151.
Athani, V.V. A Survey of Identification Techniques. 1962 (August). Report no. I-116.
Hicks, B.L.; Aggarwal, J.K. Numerical Studies of Strong Shock Waves, Part II: Results of Illiac Calculations. 1963 (January). Report no. I-117.
Bobotek, H. Capacity of the PLATO II System Using the CSX-1 Computer as the Control Element. 1962 (September). Report no. I-118.
Heizer, Kenneth W. Distributed RC Networks with Rational Transfer Functions. 1962 (September). Report no. R-153.
Kahne, Stephen J. The Method of Adaptive Constrained Descent. 1962 (October). Report no. R-154.
Kahne, Stephen J. A Constraint Mapping Technique for System Organization. 1962 (November). Report no. R-155.
Schuemann, W.C. A Photo-Current Suppressor Gauge for the Measurement of Very Low Pressures. 1962 (October). Report no. R-156.
Cruz, J.B., Jr. Time-Varying and Active Network Theory. 1962 (November). Report no. I-119.
Lal, Manohar. On Physical Realizability of Signal Flow Graphs and Realization Techniques. 1962 (December). Report no. R-157.
Chan, Shu-Park. Realizability Conditions of Single-Contact Networks. 1962 (December). Report no. R-158.
Kahne, S.J. Note on Two Point Boundary Value Problems. 1963 (January). Report no. I-120.
Humpherys, DeVerl. Rational Function Approximation of Polynomials with Equiripple Error. 1963 (February). Report no. R-159.
Braunfeld, P.G.; Fosdick, L.D. The Use of an Automatic Computer System in Teaching. 1962 (September). Report no. R-160.
Propst, Franklin M. A Study of the Ejection of Electrons from the Surface of Tungsten by Low Energy Ions. 1963 (February). Report no. R-161.
Kahne, Stephen James. On Direct Fixed-Time Optimization of Invertible Systems. 1963 (June). Report no. R-162.
Kafka, Robert William. An Optimization Technique for Pulse Width Modulated Systems. 1963 (May). Report no. R-163.
Hesselberth, Cassius A. Synthesis of Some Distributed RC Networks. 1963 (August). Report no. R-164.
Allen, Don R. Minimizing Precession Torques in the Electrically Supported Gyro. 1963 (May). Report no. R-165.
Allen, Don R. Dynamic Stability of the Resonant Circuit Electrically Supported Gyro. 1963 (August). Report no. R-166.
Alpert, D. Ultrahigh Vacuum: A Survey. 1963 (April). Report no. R-167.
Chang, Herbert Y. Automata & Sequential Machines, A Survey. 1963 (June). Report no. R-168.
Elsey, John. An Algorithm for the Synthesis of Large Sequential Switching Circuits. 1963 (May). Report no. R-169.
Leung, Wing C. Crystallization of the Superconductor Nb3Sn. 1963 (May). Report no. R-170.
Chen, C.L. Atomic Processes in Helium-Krypton and Helium-Xenon Mixtures. 1963 (June). Report no. R-171.
Kruus, Jaan. Upper Bounds for the Mean Life of Self-Repairing Systems. 1963 (July). Report no. R-172.
Narayanasamy, Ramakrishna. On the Synthesis of Optimum Multivariable Systems. 1963 (July). Report no. R-173.
Resh, James A. On Networks and Bi-Complete Graphs. 1963 (July). Report no. R-174.
Dervisoglu, Ahmet. Bashkow's A Matrix for Active R,L,C, Networks. 1963 (July). Report no. R-175.
Rohrer, R.A.; Sobral, M. The Euler-Poisson Equation and Optimal Linear Control. 1963 (July). Report no. R-176.
Cruz, J.B., Jr.; Perkins, W.R. A New Approach to the Sensitivity Problem in Multivariable Feedback System Design. 1963 (August). Report no. R-177.
Raether, M.; Bitzer, D. Design and Performance of a Polarity Coincidence Detector. 1963 (August). Report no. R-178.
Diamond, Dale M. Minimization of Atmospheric Turbulence Effects on High-Resolution Synthetic Aperture Systems. 1963 (September). Report no. R-179.
Schuemann, W.C.; de Segovia, J.L.; Alpert, D. Effects of Electron-Surface Interaction in Ionization Gauges. 1963 (August). Report no. R-180.
Satterthwaite, C.B. Superconductivity. 1963 (September). Report no. R-181.
Perkins, W.R.; Cruz, J.B., Jr. The Parameter Variation Problem in State Feedback Control Systems. 1963 (October). Report no. R-182.
Rain, Don W. A Modular Realization of Symmetric Sequential Machines. 1963 (November). Report no. R-183.
Bitzer, Maryann. Self Directed Inquiry in Clinical Nursing Instruction by Means of PLATO Simulated Laboratory. 1963 (December). Report no. R-184.
Easley, J.A., Jr.; Gelder, H.M.; Golden, W.M. A PLATO Program for Instruction and Data Collection in Mathematical Problem Solving. 1964 (January). Report no. R-185.
Lyman, Elisabeth R. A Descriptive List of PLATO Lesson Programs 1960-1965 (Revised Report). 1965 (July). Report no. R-186.
Rohrer, R.A. Optimal Matching of Linear Networks. 1963 (December). Report no. R-187.
Sobral, Manoel. Linear Control Laws for Singular Linear Systems. 1964 (January). Report no. R-188.
Murata, Tadao. The Use of Adaptive Constrained Descent in Systems Design. 1963 (December). Report no. R-189.
Stein, H. J. Suppression of Noise Effects in Pulse Width Modulated Systems. 1964 (January). Report no. R-190.
Chen, Wai-Kai. General Topological Analysis of Linear Systems. 1964 (January). Report no. R-191.
Tomaschke, Harry E. A Study of the Projections on Electrodes and Their Effect on Electrical Breakdown in Vacuum. 1964 (January). Report no. R-192.
Ponzo, Peter James. Nonlinear Oscillations in a Second Order System. 1964 (January). Report no. R-193.
Kishi, G. Transient Responses of Butterworth and Chebyshev Filter Networks. 1965 (February). Report no. R-194.
Skaperdas, D.; Knoebel, H. Final Report, CSL Electric Vacuum Gyro. 1964 (February). Report no. R-195.
Rohrer, R.A.; Sobral, M., Jr. Optimal Linear Switching for Singular Linear Systems. 1964 (March). Report no. R-196.
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