CSL has long served as a launchpad for many initiatives -- from parallel computing to interactive digital media -- that have gone on to become full centers and institutes in their own right.

Current initiatives are focused in the following areas:


Bringing together sound-related research in the arts and sciences to create new audio applications and technologies.

PI: Paris Smaragdis

Illinois Initiative for Engineering Next Generation Medical Systems 

Designing new devices and systems for more precise surgical robots and emergency medicine care.

PI: Lui Sha; Co-PIs: Richard Berlin and Naira Hovakimyan.

Intelligent Robotics Lab

Pushing scientific breakthroughs in ground and aerial robots, advancing fields ranging from medicine to marketplace productivity.

PI: Naira Hovakimyan; Co-PI: Tim Bretl

Nuclear-Cyber Security

Developing new, advanced and nuclear-grade digital control and cyber security technologies for nuclear applications.

PI: Rizwan Uddin. Co-PI: William H. Sanders.

A Theory of Cognitive and Algorithmic Decision Making 

Combining decision theory and machine learning with social networks and human decision making to consider the next generation of human-machine decision systems.

PI: Andrew Singer; Co-PIs: Tamer Ba┼čar, Karrie Karahalios, Svetlana Lazebnik, Angelia Nedich and Maxim Raginsky.