The Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing

Mac Van Valkenburg, considered one of the greatest engineering educators of the past century, founded the Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing back in 1963 -- although it was called the Allerton Conference on Circuits and Systems at the time. It is one of the longest-running conferences in the systems area. But even more important, it remains one of the most prestigious of such conferences.

Today, the three-day Allerton Conference covers such wide-ranging topics as communication systems, communication and computer networks, detection and estimation theory, information theory, error-control coding, source coding and data compression, queuing networks, control systems, robust and nonlinear control, adaptive control, optimization, dynamic games, large-scale systems, robotics and automation, manufacturing systems, discrete event systems, intelligent control, multivariable control, computer vision based control, learning theory, neural networks, VLSI architectures for communications and signal processing, and automated highway systems.

The conference is held at the secluded Allerton House, which is surrounded by 1,500 acres of formal gardens and nature areas. Located 26 miles southwest of the Urbana-Champaign campus, Robert Allerton Park has been designated as a national natural landmark.

The Allerton Conference has been growing year by year, and planners expect it to be around for many years to come. After all, they buried a time capsule during the 35th annual conference in 1997, with instructions to open it in another 35 years. The capsule will be opened at the 2032 conference, when many aspects of communication, control, and computing will be dramatically different -- but one thing will probably remain the same. The Allerton Conference will still be thriving.

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CSL Student Conference

The conference is organized by graduate students in CSL, primarily working in the areas of Communication, Control and Signal Processing.  The conference will consist of an exciting mix of student presentations, informative and thought-provoking talks by the invited speakers, a lively panel discussion, and a reception.

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