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Health IT

The entire healthcare delivery system is under tremendous pressure to deliver better health outcomes for more people at lower cost. CSL researchers are working to transform the delivery of healthcare through information technology and engineering advances.

Changing Health IT Through:

In the future, healthcare could be transformed by personalized medicine, which is an emerging approach for disease treatment and preventive wellness that takes into account individual variations in people’s genes, environment, and lifestyle. However, significant advances in computational genomics and biomedical analyses must occur before this approach can move into clinical practice. In CSL, researchers are working closely with members of the Institute for Genomic Biology and Mayo Clinic to overcome the computing performance limitations that are restricting our ability to make use of genomic data.

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Telemedicine makes use of telecommunications and information technologies in order to provide clinical healthcare at a distance. CSL researchers are working to create an experience that truly replicates an office visit for physicians and patients alike, as well as ensure trustworthiness, secure delivery, and secure storage of massive datasets. Projects include efforts to create new devices that will expand the ability to diagnose and treat sleep disorders from the home. Another project is developing security protocols that will meet the high standards of security needed for healthcare that is increasingly based on wireless and mobile communication devices.

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Enabling the elderly and persons with disabilities to live independent, rich, and fulfilling lives is a societal endeavor that robotics can advance on a number of important fronts. In CSL, researchers have used the latest advances in 3D printing and novel control algorithms to develop artificial limbs that are more affordable yet extremely helpful. Other CSL researchers are looking at innovative ways to integrate virtual worlds and drones to allow individuals to interact with robots and drones in a secure and safe, yet simple and intuitive way.

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