A Collision of Ideas

In the labs and hallways of CSL, great ideas collide with novel results. Researchers from more than a dozen disciplines unite to dream up the next big innovation, then settle down in their respective labs to perfect their piece of the larger picture. 

The result:

Advances in aeronautics, economics, energy, medicine, robotics, wireless communications and many other fields.


Group Contact:
Jeni Summers: 418 CSL
Phone: 217-300-3156

Computational and Physical Electronics

Group Contact:
Kelly Young: 3225 BI
Phone: 217-333-9734

Decision and Control

Group Contact:
Angie Ellis: 355 CSL
Phone: 217-300-1910

Remote Sensing and Space Science

Group Contact:
Nancy Morris: 5060 ECE Building
Phone: 217-333-9705

Reliable and High Performance Computing

Group Contact:
Carol Wisniewski: 251 CSL
Phone: 217-244-7171

Signals, Inference, and Networks

Group Contacts:
Brenda Roy: 131 CSL
Phone: 217-244-1663

Rachel Palmisano: 102 CSL
Phone: 217-265-4142