Building a Reliable Foundation

Throughout this dynamic decade, CSL led the world in reliable computing.

Circuit Testing
Sundaram Seshu developed one of the first automatic test generators for sequential circuits. It was used to test circuits in the ILLIAC series of computers and the first electronic telephone switching system at Bell Labs.

Fault-Modeling and Self-Checking Systems
Gernote Metze and students laid the foundation for formal fault-modeling and self-checking systems, which are critical to the reliability of today's networked systems.

The PMC Diagnosis Model
Franco Preparata, Gernot Metze, and Robert Chien introduced system-level diagnosis - the rules by which one machine can diagnose another. This model had a major influence on the development of fault-tolerant computing.

The Kasami and Gold Sequences
T. Kasami formulated what became known as the Kasami Sequences and the Gold Sequences. These are among the most powerful linear sequences for direct-sequence, spread-spectrum systems.

The Preparata Codes
This first systematic class of nonlinear, double-error-correcting, binary block codes outperformed the best comparable linear codes. The unusual properties of the Preparata Codes piqued the interest of many researchers and influenced coding theory for decades.