Control Central

"Control" was no longer in CSL's name, but it remained central to its work. CSL's reputation in control systems became firmly established in its second decade as it pioneered the study of the fundamental properties of feedback.

Sensitivity Analysis
CSL developed several influential sensitivity principles. These mathematical models enabled engineers to design systems that functioned in uncertain, unanticipated situations and changing environments.

Singular Perturbations
Researchers pioneered the use of singular perturbations in designing control systems with slow and fast dynamics. This led to a popular design methodology widely used in automotive controls, power systems, aircraft and spacecraft trajectories, chemical kinetics, and flexible robots.

Dynamic Games
CSL became a leader in dynamic gamesfinding the optimal performance of dynamic systems in which there are multiple goals and decision-makers. Dynamic games commonly apply to large systems such as interconnected power grids, battlefield command and control environments, and international arms races.