Lav Varshney

Lav Varshney is an associate professor of ECE at Illinois, with further appointments in CS, neuroscience, industrial engineering, digital agriculture, and personalized nutrition, as well as the Discovery Partners Institute in Chicago.  He works with several startup companies: Ensaras, Inc. which focuses on AI and wastewater treatment; Kocree, Inc., which is building a social music co-creation platform; and Nutrios, Inc., which is aiming to remake the food system to be more nutritious, sustainable, and flavorful.  He also works with Brookhaven National Laboratory on computing for national security.  He was a principal research scientist at Salesforce Research AI in 2019-2020 where he focused on AI ethics, governance, and AI for social good.  Besides his engineering education, he also trained with Ronald Kline and with David Mindell in science and technology studies, at Cornell and MIT, respectively.