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Illinois start-up develops advanced cybersecurity monitoring tool for industrial networks

11/02/2015 - 18:00   NP-Live provides continuous monitoring of a company’s network and can be used in many sectors, including energy.
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Illinois to lead NSF Midwest Big Data Hub

11/01/2015 - 18:00   To accelerate advancements in the rapidly emerging field of big data analysis, the National Science Foundation has given $5 million to establish four regional Big Data Hubs.

In the News: University receives $28.1 million to research technology combating cyber-attacks

11/01/2015 - 18:00   The University was selected to be a part of the Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium (CREDC) to help in the quest to develop better energy delivery protection systems.
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Yuting Ng wins Best Paper Award for GPS research at ION GNSS+ 2015

10/27/2015 - 19:00   She discusses a new, robust system for synchronizing Phasor Measurement Units, which are used to measure conditions of the power grid and provide assistance with real-time operations and off-line analysis to improve reliability and efficiency.
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New CyPhy software employs 3D immersion technology for advanced telemedicine

10/26/2015 - 19:00   The CyPhy system would allow patients to undergo injury assessments and therapy in their own homes or at a nearby facility.
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Illinois researchers developing new technology to assist in-home rehab care

10/14/2015 - 19:00   The research comes at a time when health care costs are driving stroke victims to reduce time spent in in-patient rehabilitation care and return home before regaining full functioning.

WCIA 3: $28M program to innovate cyber-security technology

10/14/2015 - 19:00   The project is aiming to ramp up cyber security.
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Illinois to lead new $28.1M consortium in cyber resilient energy delivery systems

10/07/2015 - 19:00   The Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium (CREDC), which consists of 11 universities and national laboratories and is funded by the Dept. of Energy, will focus on improving the resilience and security of the cyber networks that serve as the backbone of energy infrastructure.
Kesh Kasavadas and his staff welcomed the RAVEN II robot assisted tele-surgery f

CSL researchers making virtual surgery simulation a reality

10/05/2015 - 19:00   A group of CSL researchers, led by Kesh Kesavadas, is at the forefront of technology that will allow surgeons to virtually train for surgery.
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NICER makes strides toward creating "friendly" robots

10/04/2015 - 19:00   The goal of the project is to develop mobile robots with which humans feel comfortable.
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Q&A with Zachary Estrada, Winner of the Mavis Future Faculty Fellowship Award

09/21/2015 - 19:00   The award is given to provide support for students interested in pursuing a faculty career in the future.
Naira Hovakimyan

Hovakimyan named W. Grafton and Lillian B. Wilkins Professor

09/09/2015 - 19:00   Hovakimyan’s research focuses on robotics, game theory, networks of autonomous systems, and theory of robust adaptive control and estimation, as well as control in the presence of limited information.
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Watch Out: If you’ve got a smart watch, hackers could get your data

09/08/2015 - 19:00   By taking advantage of “motion leaks” -- data collected by the motion sensors on smart phones -- to guess what a user was typing.
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ITI researchers win best paper for smart meter security research at QEST 2015

09/03/2015 - 19:00   The paper proposes combining two methods in a unique way to help verify intrusion attempts.
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Sha selected for NASA Advisory Council

09/01/2015 - 19:00   Sha was selected for this council based largely on the body of work he has accomplished in the area of safety critical real time systems.
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Air Force gives $2 million to develop secure cloud computing technology

08/23/2015 - 19:00   The Center focuses on advancing secure cloud computing science and technologies.
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CSL's newest researcher, Nam Sung Kim, is advancing power-efficient computing

08/23/2015 - 19:00   His research will continue to incorporate computer architecture and circuits, computing systems and software, and power efficiency from mobile devices to supercomputing systems.
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Bibbidi Bobbidi Bots: ASPIRE to improve lives of senior citizens

08/12/2015 - 19:00   The goal of ASPIRE is to develop co-robots that can assist the elderly with activities of daily living and other chores.
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Inspired by nature, robo-whiskers developed at Illinois could aid laparoscopic surgery

08/10/2015 - 19:00   The artificial whiskers could give surgeons a "sixth sense," offering tacticle feedback during procedures.
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Engineering at Illinois to lead $18.5 million center for power optimization in mobile electronics

08/09/2015 - 19:00   CSL's Andrew Alleyne heads up the center, which aims to pack more power into less space for electrical systems.