CSL PhD student Philip Paré honored as Mavis Future Faculty Fellow


Victoria Halewicz, ECE

Graduate student Philip Paré, Jr. has recently been awarded the Mavis Future Fellowship for 2017-2018.  

Mavis Future Faculty Fellows (MF3) are future engineering professors receiving training in the form of workshops, seminars, and activities to sharpen their skills in research, teaching, and mentoring. 

Philip Paré, an ECE PhD candidate conducting research at the Coordinated Science Lab, is co-advised by Angelica Nedich at Arizona State University, and Carolyn Beck. Beck is both an ECE and CSL affiliate, and associate professor of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering

“My main research area is developing models and control techniques for virus spread processes over non-trivial graph structures,” said Paré, who has authored several publications. 

In one of his research positions, he analyzed subsidy data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to validate spread models. Paré has also worked with researchers at the Institute for Genomic Biology to design algorithms for effective measurement of photosynthetic properties of plants. 

Paré has also held a few teaching assistantships. Most notably, he designed a new class, IE 529 Statistics of Big Data and Clustering, with Beck. His ability to make content more comprehensive has ranked him highly among students. While arduous, these experiences have proven to be rewarding.

Paré acknowledges there is always room for improvement when learning to be a skillful mentor, better researcher, and effective communicator. He is excited to face interesting problems and expand innovative fields of research. Paré looks forward to a conducive environment with a mutual learning process. His position as a Mavis Future Faculty Fellow will allow him to do just that.

“My main goal is to have a successful career in academia with many thriving collaborations and many wonderful service opportunities," said Paré. "I want to build a research group where I help students explore new research topics and investigate compelling applications using systems theory. I also want to effectively teach students motivating ideas so they can learn and grow.”

In addition to his research, Paré co-chaired the 2017 CSL Student Conference, an annual conference that is entirely planned and executed by CSL students. Paré led the conference to a banner year, helping organize and execute 58 presentations and demonstrations, a job fair, and the first robotics demonstration session, as well as attract 555 registrants from 14 different institutions nationwide and from more than 40 disciplines from ECE and CS to psychology, astronomy, and MBA programs.