Illinois ECE tech start-up launches new app; simplifies decision making


Ryann Monahan, ECE ILLINOIS

Illinois ECE tech start-up Converge has launched a new application that helps groups make decisions, gets to know your preferences, and offers more personalized recommendations. The app is called “Converge Meet.” It helps people and groups find options that best fit their interests.

“Converge is a team of developers who are dedicated to the goal of creating software which assists in decision making, specifically for groups,” co-founder Stephen Jay Hurwit (BS CompE '20, MEng ECE ‘20) said.

In order to accomplish this goal, the team created the Converge Engine, a flexible and adaptive tool that allows you to quickly and easily compare the preferences of a group of people to a set of alternatives and order them accordingly. Using this engine, the team is developing applications that facilitate group decisions ranging from picking group activities to enterprise committee decisions.

“Whether you are picking places to meet, events to attend, or content to watch, the Converge Engine will guide you through these decision-making processes,” co-founder Hurwit said. 

Developed with both individuals and groups in mind, the Converge Engine is powered by cutting-edge AI technology for group decision-making. The platform provides a framework with adaptive learning algorithms that discover what matters most to users, transparent result metrics which ensure users can be confident in their decisions, and a flexible design that simplifies integration.

“Our mission is to help users quickly arrive at the choice that is best for them, no matter the context. Converge is dedicated to the goal of bringing people together and promoting a culture of cooperation,” Hurwit said.

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Converge was formed through the Alchemy Technology Incubator within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Alchemy is a unique environment that brings entrepreneurs, investors, corporate partners, together with students and the University community to create and incubate commercially-viable technologies.

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