Three CSL faculty win Siebel Energy Institute awards


Siebel Energy Institute

The Siebel Energy Institute, a global consortium for innovative and collaborative energy research dedicated to advancing the science of smart energy, today announced the winners of its third round of seed grant awards.

Fourteen research teams, led by engineering and computer science experts from the nine Siebel Energy Institute consortium member universities, were each awarded $50,000 to develop proposals that accelerate energy science research. Many of the proposals are cross-collaborative between universities worldwide.

All three of the Illinois researchers who won SEI grants are CSL faculty. The winners are:

  • Cedric Langbort, Aerospace Engineering, “Beyond Discrete Choice and Prices in Route Choices – Towards Efficient Revealed Preferences Identification and Nudging in the Multi-utility Paradigm.”
  • Lav Varshney, Electrical and Computer Engineering, “Incentives, Choices, and Analytics for Electric Vehicle Fleets in Jointly Managing Urban Traffic and the Smart Grid.”
  • Daniel Work, Civil and Environmental Engineering, “Quantifying the Predictability of City-scale Urban Traffic.”

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