Software and Start-ups


Researchers problem-solving at board


CSL forged an increasing number of industry links in the 1990s.

The Software Boom
Major software applications supported the design of reliable and high-performance integrated circuits and large-scale computer systems, and enabled web-based learning. Tools such as Chameleon, IMPACT, UltraSAN, PROMIS, Mallard, and Teacher influenced research and were licensed extensively in academia and industry.

Computing in Space
CSL developed low-power, fault-tolerant, high-performance, scalable computing technology for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's new generation of spacecraft.

The IA-64 Microchip
Intel's line of IA-64 microchips incorporated innovative technologies based on CSL's work on compilers.

CSL Entrepreneurs
Professors and former students took their expertise and research into the marketplace in a big way, founding a wide variety of high-tech companies.